Why CasaMatch

  • Unlike other websites, CasaMatch is focused on the longterm rental market. Our goal is to “Match Lifestyles with Homes” by creating a platform where tenants can find a complete list of all the long term rentals available to them in their desired area, matching qualified tenants with the perfect home for their lifestyle.

  • We strive to bring a new level of professionalism to the long term rental market in Los Cabos. Our team of professional property managers is eager to assist both tenants and homeowners.

  • Our CasaMatch Concierge team also provides an array of services that can be tailored to the specific needs of the property, tenant, or homeowner. Allowing the property owner to know that their investment is always being properly looked after, as well as allowing the tenant to live there best Cabo life. These additional services can be added by both tenants or landlords.

Tenants - Find The Perfect Home For Your Lifestyle

  • CasaMatch is free for tenants!

  • Thought the use of CasaMatch tenants are able to easily compare all listings that meet their search criteria in one location, allowing them to make a more informed decision.

  • Tenants are also able to save their rental application making it easy to send to all listings managed by CasaMatch.

  • Tenants are also able to have their rental application verified by CasaMatch, becoming a “Trusted Tenant” this status is visible to all other users, allowing all homeowners to know that you are a trusted qualified tenant. This also you to retain from soliciting your personal information to homeowners until the final stages of rental.

  • CasaMatch booking system also makes it easy to manage, book, modify or cancel showings at the listings you are interested in. You are also able to easily get directions to the listings through the CasaMatch booking system once as showing has been confirmed.

  • Our “Verified Listing” System allows tenants who are renting “site unseen” to rest easy knowing the listings have been verified by one of our trusted CasaMatch representatives and everything is as shown if not better then CasaMatch Listing.

Homeowners - Let CasaMatch put your assets to work for you.

  • Homeowners pay just $30 USD/Month to list their property, there are no other fees or commissions due if the property owner finds a tenant through CasaMatch unless the homeowner has chosen to take advantage of the additional services or property management offered through CasaMatch.

  • CasaMatch is able to best accomplish our goal of Matching lifestyles with homes when we have an ample amount of both listings and tenants. This is why it is important for us to advertise CasaMatch through Google Adwords and other platforms. When you list your home on CasaMatch you are taking advantage of our advertising dollars, and we will market your home for you to as many potential tenants as possible.

  • If your property is not already being professionally managed you may want to consider chatting with one of our professional property managers to see how CasaMatch may be able to further assist you. Aside from property management CasaMatch also offers a ton of additional services to assist in finding the perfect tenant, making sure your property is properly carried for during the lease term or helping to increase your ROI.

  • We understand that Los Cabos is primarily a second home market and that many homeowners do not reside in Los Cabos, which is why we have tailored our services to assist the homeowner from afar.

  • Homeowners pay just $30/Month to list your property on CasaMatch. There are no additional fees or commissions due if the property is successfully rented through CasaMatch.